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Bold Hold Active Burst: The Ultimate in Hold and Comfort

Bold Hold Active Burst is a water-based, non-toxic lace glue meticulously crafted for hair systems and hair units. This extraordinary adhesive boasts an impressive 2-3 week hold, making it your steadfast ally for a secure and comfortable wig-wearing experience.

Key Features:

  • Humidity-Resistant and Waterproof: Stand strong against the elements. Our lace adhesive is humidity-resistant and even offers waterproof capabilities under specific conditions.
  • Latex-Free and Ideal for Oily Skin: Free from latex, Bold Hold Active Burst caters to a broad clientele, particularly those with excessively oily skin or active lifestyles.
  • High-Temperature Performance: Whether you’re in a tropical paradise or facing high-temperature environments, this adhesive rises to the occasion, ensuring your style remains flawless.
  • Invisible, Damage-Free Hold: While applied in a white hue, Bold Hold Active Burst® dries to an invisible layer, giving you superior hold without worrying about damage to your lace or edges.
  • Safety First: This product is lab-tested and proven safe for those with normal skin types. However, it’s not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin or skin disorders.

Steps to a Flawless Application:

  1. Begin by gently cleaning the skin with soapy water, removing any body oils from the application area.
  2. Always apply Bold Hold Skin Protect for an added layer of protection.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Bold Hold Adhesive to the skin, with the option of up to 7 layers for a robust hold.
  4. Allow the adhesive to dry clear between layers, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  5. Apply your lace to the clear Bold Hold Adhesive, then gently dry with a cool dryer and style as desired.

For removal, rely on Bold Hold Lace Remover to effortlessly and safely release your wig.

Remember, hair replacement adhesive should be applied to the skin only, never to the hair. Always prioritize a patch test for sensitivity 24 hours before use. For detailed instructions and helpful tips, be sure to check out our YouTube channel: TheHair Diagram.

Bold Hold Active Burst is a remarkable collaboration between The Hair Diagram Celebrity Stylist Tamika Gibson and Celebrity Stylist Alonzo Arnold. Make it a part of your routine and experience the ultimate in hold and comfort for your wig.


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