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“l think that the most important thing a woman can have, next to talent , of course is her hairdress” – Joan Crawford

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I am a specialist AFRO Hairstylist .e lace wig , lace frontal installation , braids etc , located in Stratford, East London. I have been in hairdressing for over 15 years now and my journey began initially out of compulsion to help out in my mum’s salon when l was quite young .Fast forward 15 years I moved to the UK to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree and while studying for my Degree my hairdressing skills were put to the test as I worked alongside various professionals to improve on my exiting skills. I have always been very passionate about hairdressing and as a perfectionist this is always reflected in my work.  I love being involved in the transformation process my clients experience whether it be a new look or a revamp on their existing looks.  The joy and satisfaction l see on my client’s faces on a daily basis revamps my passion and drive to please. In today’s era, where confidence surpasses normality, it is essential that hairdressers remain innovative and proactive; I have always been a forward thinking and competitive individual and this means that I am constantly ‘on my toes’ searching out new ways to improve my client’s experiences and also introduce them to new trends.

In an era where you tubers and video bloggers with no solid foundation, expertise and experience are flooding social media and traditional hairdressers are ‘stuck’ in their old ways of doing things.  I view myself as a fusion between daring and innovative viewers simply learning on Youtube and experienced hair stylists that have solid prior experience. I have the expertise that comes with being a ‘traditional’ hairdresser for years combined with my business management skills which have made me adaptive, resourceful and enlightened in social media and networking. I regularly attend seminars and courses to ensure my skill set is constantly in line with the sector and to ensure my salon is keeping up to date with the latest treatments, products, techniques, equipment and business developments

I look forward to working with you to improve on your current look or create a new more confident you …… I am super excited to meet you , book your appointment today. 

top afro hair Salon

our Vision

what we Do

  • custom wigs
  • sewing leave out weave
  • lace frontal weave
  • crochet braids
  • faux locs
  • Senegalese/Havana twist
  • cut and style
  • box braids
  • goddess braids/invisible cornrow
  • 360 closure
  • silk press
  • vixen weave

What we Can Give

best weave installation  

best box braids or twist

Virgin human hair

Relaxing environment

Our Values




Value for money

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