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Men braids London

men single plait

men single braid medium with elastic braid full head , elastic band is added to secure the ends based on the hair texture

men braids with beads

men braids topknot

These braids for men is quite popular now, easy maintenance, and last longer, because it on the top of the head so when you sleep the braids are intact because it is little or no friction or rubbing between your pillow and head

these braids with beads, also popular with mean now

we also use extensions with the braids, for longer-lasting for European straight hair or for short hair

men braid styles

topnot men braids

you can also have these thin braids , no need for extensions


  • Hello, I have recently had a hair transplant and my hair is very thin and light and it’s not too long but when I comb it down it comes down to my lip and I want to get braids if possible as it is very messy every time I wake up

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