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Crochet braids with different hair styles

The love of crochet braid in the Afro community is growing stronger ,l took time to think and look into what as made the rise , after much inquiry  from my  customers , that decide to have it done over and over again , l learnt it the convenient , no pressure on the scalp and easy maintainance ,

l think this is a style that is going to be around for a long time , crochet braids was around before , but l think the era  of weave on  extension took over it  , but now that alot of black women are embracing their natural hair , this style is not going anyway soon , it here to stay ,

different looks of crochet braids , with different hair texture 

collage crochet braids

this are hairstyles  done by me with different hair extensions ,

the time it takes for me to install a crochet is generally between 1hour to 2hours tops ,

as an Afro hairdresser , am happy at the acceptance of crochet braid by my customers , it does saves a of time

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