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360 closure

360 lace closure/ 360 lace frontal

Is a new  lace closure that goes round the perimeter of the head , it’s different from the normal lace closure piece (which just covers the small area where you want your parting), or a lace frontal (which covers the front of the head, from ear to ear ), the 360 in my opinion is a DIY LACE WIG , it covers round the head with an opening in the middle, where you can sew on the hair weft , the advantage of a 360 closure is that it gives you the freedom to insert more hair in the middle which will give you more fullness than a traditional lace wig ,

you have the versatility in having your hair up in ponytail/updos and also good for brides or brides maids that want to go for updos for wedding  , without your hair weft showing , the hair line weft are completely covered, it gives you a natural hairline with baby hair,  its  free parting , you can part it any way you want


natural hair line with baby hair

It comes in various types

the 360 full lace closure all around the perimeter


full lace 360 closure

the 360 lace closure with elastic band at the back


the 360 lace closure with adjustable strap at the back

360 closure

the 360 closure with a cap


link to our 360 frontal installation


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