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Why Lemon?  It contains Lemon Myrtle which is an Antibacterial fighting agent.

Underneath your lovely unit, as you perspire, bacteria is being released from your pores.

In vigorous research studies, Lemon Myrtle has been discovered to be an effective agent against lingering sweat. #boldholdlemonburst

How To use:

Always clean the skin, never use alcohol.
Always use skin protect 1-2 layers is enough it’s very concentrated
Only  use very thin 2-3 layers OF ACTIVE
Use a cool dryer to seal the lace in the glue until no tacky feel is present(you may spray skin protect on top, blow dry in lace. This dulls any poss shine and make it last.
Tie your hair line down, allow glue to settle 10-15 minutes.

Style as desired.