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Leaveout Sewin weave

The most realistic extension with fullness and lenght is a sewin weave with leave out , you have the option of leaving out you hair around your head this is called VIXEN style sewin to enable you to put it up in a ponytail

finished look

Side parting minimal leave out sewing weave braids pattern


how many bundles of hair you use for a sewin weave

depends on three factors

– how full you want your extension , the fullness you want will determine the number of hair bundles

the length of hair extension you using , the longer the length of extension the shorter the width , the longer your lenght the more bundles you use , on average from 10inches – 16inches,you need 2 bundles for a realistic looking weave

the amount of hair you want to leave out will also determine the number of bundles you use , if you leaving more of your hair out , then you will use less bundle

Pros and cons of leaveout sewin weave


it very realistic , it can pass for your hair if you use the right texture for you

most of your hair is protected underneath the weave

you dont have to worry about the lace showing in case of a full head weave or wig

you can put it up in a ponytail if you leave out some hair out around your circumference , or avixen weave


  • the leave out hair is not protected , and will be prone to breakage
  • you have to apply heat to the leaveout hair to blend with your extension , which might lead to breakage if done too often
  • if you dont have a good hair line or your hair is receding , the leave out weave is not for you

in conclusion, l think the leave out weave is still the best option and the most realistic method for hair extension, taking proper care of your leave out and enjoy a realistic looking weave ,

sewin leave out weave on caucasian straight hair

realistic sewing weave on european hair

the perfect blend and fullness less damage to hair ,compare to the keratin extension for European hair

at stylesby fola will do one of the best sewin weave in london , give you a realistic look and with less tension on your scalp ,

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