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Box Braid Hairstyles 2021


Women definitely had a wonderful years with braids in . From twists to the evergreen box braids and much more, there were a plethora of styles to choose from. Now, in 2021 everyone is excited to know what box braid hairstyles will be all rage. Braiders are cracking their knuckles and getting ready to unleash their creativity with box braids this year.

There are no secrets when it comes to women’s hairstyles.  for  2021 we have put together a list of box braid hairstyles to rock.

  • Two Braids

Quick, easy, and beautiful is how anyone would describe two braids. This hairstyle allows you to enjoy its beauty without the pain and endurance common with some box braid hairstyles. Two braids were not left out in 2018 but this hairstyle is set for greater things this year. Mix it up with colours, length, and part designs.

  • Knotless box  braids

this is lightweight and has become really popular for the painless, realistic look , less tension on scalp

you can read more about the knotless box braid here


  • Loose ends braid

You might have caught a few glimpses of box braids with loose ends. This style uses single braids, is unique and requires the creative touch of an outstanding braider to come out right. If you want to wear eye-catching loose ends braid with a smooth finish, then you need the right salon. You can get this at an afro hair salon like Stylesbyfola.


  • Feed in Braids

Feed in braids is a broad range of styles that involve adding hair extensions to your hair. They vary in design, colour, thickness, length, single braids, and so on. If you love feed in braids, then you would be particular about part designs and sleek appearance. Feed in braid hairstyles include:

  • The ponytail braid
  • Braided Bun
  • Standard style braid
  • Fishbone braids
  • Long feed in braids with cuffs
  • Fulani cornrow braids
  • Side Braids
  • Jumbo feed in braids


How to get box braid hairstyles for 2019.

Are you new in London? Are you looking for the best place to get your hair braided in London?

Then, you need a professional afro hair salon. Stylesbyfola is the best hair salon for braids in London. You can find Stylesbyfola in 6-7 minutes’ walk from Stratford station. It is strategically located for easy access.

The reasons you want Stylesbyfola as your go-to salon in 2019 are:

  • Professionalism
  • Sleek and smooth finish
  • Creative and updated styles
  • Eye-catching box braids and feed in styles
  • Time consciousness; so you spend less time warming your bum on the chair

SOME of our work box braids styles

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  • Hey! I’m going to a festival in a few weeks and need my hair braided! I have had it done a few times before – I normally have 6 in total (tight to to the head) and loose on the ends…. I have Caucasian hair but it’s very thick as my mother is from Barbados and it’ll need taming whilst I’m at the festival.
    Can you give me a rough idea of how much this will cost?

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