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Best practice for lace frontal and closure maintenance

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A lace frontal sewin or closure sewin , have different levels of maintenance here will be talking about sewins ,

how to stop a sewing closure from sliding back ,

most people do not use glue this is a question customers always ask,

how do l stop the lace closure from sliding back? how do l maintenance this?

question l always ask a client is how long do you want to keep the closure or frontal sewing for , all these questions is important, and if they will like to use lace glue on there frontal ?all this question are important as a customer to understand what you are getting yourself in for, it will help you to decide between a closure and frontal

closure sewin aftercare

you will need a edge crontol scafr to secure tie down the hair in place when sleeping


the more you wash your sewing weave , the looser the braided hair you have under your sewing in get , which will facilitate the sliding back of your lace closure , tip – try not to wash often and if you have to wash don’t get water on your scalp or , just wash the hair extensions if there is too much product build-up ,


TIE down your sewin at night when going to bed , this super important , it helps in securing it in place and make the styles stay in longer especially if you have a straight extension with a parting,

the aftercare after you get your closure sewin if you glued your lace closure you can use a thinner scarf for your edges when having a shower the scarf must be keep in place to stop the edges from lifting and getting frizzy

I always advice my customer to use a cotton scarf or towel round their head over shower cap , what l ve come to realize is the steam from the shower is a contributing factor to messing up the hair

  • how many weeks are you keeping your sewin for

the longer you keep your sewin the more it will slip back , you will need to visit the salon 3-4weeks after your sewing to move the closure forward and restitch the closure,

  • Your natural hair line matters

Hairline is big factor on your hair sliding back , people with full hairlines whereby the closure can be sewn closer to the coronrow at the edge of the head and sewn closer it takes a longer time for that to slip back , but if you have receding hair line or lost your hairline , it will more back faster , because the closure or frontal does not have a foundation in front which the lace can be stitch for a longer lasting grip

  • your hair stylist

when sewing a closure piece , the stylist need to move it little bit above your natural hair line , even if you have a full hair line , if the closure is place directly on your hair line , when your hair start growing it lift up and move back quite fast and the cornrows on the edges will start showing really quick and it will be hard to really move it forward when you go in for a maintenance, and since there is no allowance initially, it will be really difficult to have a long use out for this install, if a customer hairline is gone or receding a stylist should be able to use a net or elastic band to brace the edges so they can have a foundation to sew on , this can be use to move closure forward and reduce the rate of sliding back ,

  • braiding size

the braid under the closure sewin should be average to small, depending on the hair thickness and lenght , this helps the frontal or closure to stay flat, and does not look or feel bulky ,

frontal maintenance

a frontal install is more maintenance, but it beauty and more realistic , next to a leave out weave, proper maintenance of a frontal is very important in the lace frontal longevity how maintenance a frontal , if you want the glue method or sewing in method , the level of maintenance for both is different , a glue one is more high maintenance because of the glue , you must keep water away for the edges , which prevent it from from lifting

Ways to reduces lace frontal sewing sliding back

  • scarf for edge

always use a edge frontal scarf when sleeping or taking a shower, this is a no brainy , this will make the glue stay in longer , prevent it from lifting and sliding back , and also prevent water for getting into it and this will also hold your baby hair set for a longer time you don’t have to do this every day, even when styling your hair don’t take the scarf off,

  • styling your hair

when styling i.e straightening, curling your hair, combing, your must be careful not to tug or pull too much, this will lift up your frontal, hence you have keep the edge scarf in place during this time to help in securing the and hold down the edge

  • salon

you will need to visited the salon within 2-3 weeks of a glue installations, but this is something you can learn to do your self at home to save cost , if you have a lace glue, if you don’t, your will need to go back to salon to do a lace frontal maintenance

  • hair stylist matters

how was the install, was is moved forward above your natural hairline before gluing or stitching it down, this is important , the give it a lot more space before it start sliding back when your hair is growing

  • braided hair

how small was your braiding , it must be medium to small , defending on your hair density or hair lenght

  • how long do you want to keep the frontal sewing for ?

the time you keeping it for matters ,the longer you keep the more your braid grow and loose and the more it slide back , frontals should not be keep on for more than 6-8 weeks tops


When you are wearing a bad quality hair extension, you will tend to brush it more , this will increase fiction,hence this will cause the frontal to move or slid back more , when your extension is tangle or matting, we tend to brush it vigorously without realizing it,s be pushing our weave back and losses weakening your braids , you have to either get a good hair extension or take your time brushing or combing your hair ,

  • laying your frontal flat

hair mousse is one of the best product to use , that is not oil-based , this will help in maintaining the flat look you want in a frontal or closure ,apply hair mouse and tie it down with a scarf or just wear a dome cap, this really helps to keep your bulky weave or wigs down and flat

frontal and closure needs to be maintain , it not difficult when you get into the routine , it becomes second nature , but if you have a busy life style or you are wig or weave beginner , start with a closure

Thanks for reading pls leave a comment about your experience in wearing a frontal or closure and any other tips and if you interested in buying a frontal or closure, with quality hair extensions pls go to our wigs page http://currentwigs.com

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