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Am an AFRO Hairstylist , located in Stratford , London .I have been in hairdressing  for some time now , happen to learn hair out of  compulsion to help out in my mum,s salon , when l was quite young .Fast forward 15 years , when l came to the UK , even after my bachelor Degree ,my skill as a hairdresser came really useful, l have a huge passion for hairdressing , the  transformation of client before and after , and also the joy and satisfaction l see on their faces makes my day .I have always been  a perfectionist,  forward thinking , innovative , any new styles around you can rely on me to know it and do it perfectly ,in AFRO HAIRDRESSING , there is need to constantly innovate and be proactive 

I connect the dot between the people just learning on Youtube with no solid foundation expertise and  experience , but are also innovative, daring and creative ,l really value that , and  also experienced hair stylist that have solid prior experience , but are not innovative are stuck in their old ways of doing things , My expertises is a bridge between the two categories , Am super excited to meet you , hit me up ,

our Vision

what we Do

  • custom wigs
  • lace frontal weave
  • crochet braids
  • faux locs
  • Senegalese/Havana twist
  • cut and style
  • box braids
  • goddess braids/invisible cornrow
  • 360 closure
  • silk press
  • vixen weave

What we Can Give

best weave installation  

best box braids or twist

Authentic human hair

Relaxing environment

Boldhold package save £11

Hair wonder miracle growth cream

Our Values




Value for money

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